Why is Jesus Christ important in my life?

Have you ever heard someone tell you why Jesus died for us?  If you've been to church, it's possible that you've heard a less than enthusiastic answer that goes something like: "He paid for our sins and made it so we can be resurrected and go to heaven."  I've heard and said many times, the "Sunday school answers" because in reality, I know they're right, but sometimes in my apathy, what comes out feels kind of pathetic in retrospect.

I thought about this today as I sat with 4 young men that will likely go on to serve a 2 year mission for their church in the next couple of years.  It seems to me, many of us are guarded when it comes to how we really feel about things, especially, when it comes to things that go deep, or have culturally been established in a certain format.

We have a hard time showing any real emotion that could make us vulnerable, and we are scared to say anything that could be considered wrong according to the 'norm' that we perceive in the room.  We are taught the unwritten social rules of conduct and conform, even if that conformity is harming both the individual and all of us as a society.

So what will happen with these young men when they leave their friends, family, and home to teach others about Jesus and His sacrifice for all mankind?  Will they miraculously snap out of the apathetic answers about how the Savior of mankind is the Only Begotten of the Father?  I doubt it.

Sometime, somewhere, somehow, each and ever one of us, I believe, needs to learn for ourselves the answer to the question: Why is Jesus Christ important in MY life?  Not in my parents life, not in my church leader's life, and not to all of the human race.  Me.  What does He mean to me.

If I was a person hearing the lessons of the missionaries, I don't think I'd last very long, or stay interested for more than a few sentences without some kind of truth in their eyes.  Do they really know what they're talking about, or is this just a memorized script they watched others repeat?  Have they felt the atoning blood of Jesus in their own lives?   Or, did they just watch the movie?

If you want to help someone else come unto Jesus and feel of the love that He offered us first, then I think we need to walk a little bit by His side, get to know the marks in His hands and feet.  I think we need to wash His feet in our own tears.  We need to own up to the many sins that we've committed over and over again, sometimes, as it were, rubbing His love for us in the dirt under our feet.  Still after any number of black marks, He still forgives, He still loves, He still stands with arms outstretched waiting for us to be humble, trust Him, and try His way.

I think we need to feel a little bit of the cross on Golgotha, and witness some of Gethsemane, and still acknowledge that we didn't make things right, we didn't lift our burdens, we didn't make up for our wrongs.  And even after we know it and feel it like fire in our bones, sometimes we still forget, and must continue to strive to "always retain in remembrance" what He means to us.

Why is the Savior of the world important in MY life?  He means simply everything to me.  If you really want to know how I feel, I think a personal face to face talk with tears and hugs and really getting down to the nitty-gritty of life would do more than any amount of words I could paste on a screen.  I hope that one day we do meet, and in an appropriate setting I would be permitted to share the sacred thoughts of my heart, given to me from a loving Father in Heaven.

...and...more importantly, I hope that you would also be able to share with me your "hope that is in you with meekness and fear" (1 Peter 3:15) and we'll all be the better for it.


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Why is Jesus Christ important in my life?


Jimmy Coray is a husband and father, hiker and adventurer, author and speaker. Jimmy spends time each week in the mountains of Utah enjoying the freshness of high altitudes. He takes a couple cameras with him to record thoughts and experiences of his own path to recovery and peace. Speaking from the heart, Jimmy will share with you how to break down shame and enjoy being genuine...even if your genuine isn't your ideal...yet. He is the author of the forthcoming book, "26 Peaks in 26 Weeks" a series of lessons that inspire change and humility. He shares these lessons in men's retreats, youth groups, and corporations.

You can follow him on the mountain by subscribing to his YouTube channel: Every Mountaintop

New Kind of Rattlesnake, Same Old Serpent

New Kind of Rattlesnake, Same Old Serpent

These aren’t the ‘bad’ kids either.  These are the honor students, the star athletes, the seminary council and young men with mission calls.  They are the kids that Satan wants to take down so they do not disrupt ‘his kingdom’. They are the kids who may not fit in, or they might be the ones that stand out in a crowd.  They are the ones who care about others, and want desperately to be obedient to parents and especially to the Lord.  The snakes are chasing them.

Tackling Opposition with Illumination

Many experiences in my life were notable, not by the place I went, or the activities I participated in, but because of the people I was with and the feelings that I had that left me inspired me to forget myself and go out and help others. This past weekend at our men’s retreat, it was a boost in caring, a breath of fresh air, and a lift to my spirit.  We were taught and we learned.  It was a connection in brotherhood that I believe all who participated came away feeling more hopeful, more alive, more engaged in their own lives for the benefit of their own family.

At home I felt more involved in my children’s needs, and took more time to listen with them, pray with them, and play with them.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could report that this change was effortlessly maintained, and all was rosy and bright in the world at our home?  However, that feeling was quickly combated with fierce opposition.

Soon I found myself feeling annoyed, impatient, tired, and finding myself on Facebook more than I had intended.  Once I recognized the shift in the climate in our home, I had to ask myself: What happened!?

A talk from Jeffrey R Holland came to mind.  Looking over my life, I can say that I shouldn’t be surprised.  After amazing moments of “illumination” there is always darkness and chaos trying to sneak in to snuff out the light we have found.  So my message to you today is in effort to continue in the light, and endure in the race.

Write down the “illumination” you feel so that it will take a stronger hold in your mind.  Share those thoughts with someone you care for that will appreciate the precious meaning of personal insights that come from God.  Richard G Scott said: “Inspiration carefully recorded shows God that His communications are sacred to us. Recording will also enhance our ability to recall revelation.”(LDS General Conference, April 2012) Take the marvelous light you have received and share it with others, through writing, social media, and one-on-one.

The Atonement is for Changers

I believe that the Atonement of Jesus Christ not only offers me the merciful gift of forgiveness, but also He graces me the precious gift of change. He forgives and forgets the past. He changes our present nature. He instills in us faith to climb higher with Grace all along the way to make it possible.#sharegoodness #changeyourlife #forgiveness #graceofgodatonement_is_for_changers

Mediocrity is Ok

I have often been the ranting lunatic about how people are living in mediocrity and they are ok with it. Well today I learned a time that it is ok to be in mediocrity.In Brad Wilcox's talk from 2009 BYU Education Week "After All We Can Do" he says the meaning of the word mediocrity comes from the Latin mediocris which means 'half way up the mountain.' So why would I ever be ok with only half way up the mountain? Because it is part of the the trail to the top. We won't reach the top if we never have a climb. And if the mountain didn't require effort to summit, there wouldn't be much satisfaction in the journey or the destination. We would do ourselves and others much good if we saw not just our current place on the trail, but where we were headed, and how we enjoy the journey. If mediocrity is our goal, then I'll jump back on my soapbox, but if we are sincerely trying and climbing up the mountain, though we only be halfway up, mediocrity is ok, for now.


Face life head on.

Use technology wisely. Notice if you escape into "good" technology rather than deal with the challenges of mortality. Face your problems head on. You know the purpose of this life and why Heavenly Father placed you on earth, so pray and keep moving on. http://www.marketwatch.com/story/smartphone-dependency-fuels-other-addictions-say-rehab-clinics-2014-07-09

Reprove with Sharpness

I wonder if we hit the nail on the head too much.   If you've ever used a hammer you know that if you pound the nail into the wood too far, you can damage the wood. Ideally, if you use sharp precise force on the nail you can hit it once or twice and get it into the wood all the way to fulfill the purpose of hammering the nail.  Unfortunately, if you hammer and pound too much, eventually you're going to damage the wood or the nail or both.  On top of that you’ll likely end up mad at the hammer and possibly do more damage to the wood, or possibly your finger.


So it is also with reproving in spiritual matters when we sin or make a mistakes God doesn't pound us into the ground over and over.  He reproves with sharpness (D&C 121:43) at the right time so why do we continue to beat ourselves up that's not what God wants to do.  Beating ourselves up isn’t humility, it’s self-humiliation, and it only makes things worse.  Humility is taking 100% responsibility for our actions, acknowledging our faults, and recognizing that we need help in overcoming them. Choose humility.  Choose to be accountable for your thoughts, intentions, words, actions, and reactions.Reprove with Sharpness