after all we can do

Mediocrity is Ok

I have often been the ranting lunatic about how people are living in mediocrity and they are ok with it. Well today I learned a time that it is ok to be in mediocrity.In Brad Wilcox's talk from 2009 BYU Education Week "After All We Can Do" he says the meaning of the word mediocrity comes from the Latin mediocris which means 'half way up the mountain.' So why would I ever be ok with only half way up the mountain? Because it is part of the the trail to the top. We won't reach the top if we never have a climb. And if the mountain didn't require effort to summit, there wouldn't be much satisfaction in the journey or the destination. We would do ourselves and others much good if we saw not just our current place on the trail, but where we were headed, and how we enjoy the journey. If mediocrity is our goal, then I'll jump back on my soapbox, but if we are sincerely trying and climbing up the mountain, though we only be halfway up, mediocrity is ok, for now.