Reprove with Sharpness

I wonder if we hit the nail on the head too much.   If you've ever used a hammer you know that if you pound the nail into the wood too far, you can damage the wood. Ideally, if you use sharp precise force on the nail you can hit it once or twice and get it into the wood all the way to fulfill the purpose of hammering the nail.  Unfortunately, if you hammer and pound too much, eventually you're going to damage the wood or the nail or both.  On top of that you’ll likely end up mad at the hammer and possibly do more damage to the wood, or possibly your finger.


So it is also with reproving in spiritual matters when we sin or make a mistakes God doesn't pound us into the ground over and over.  He reproves with sharpness (D&C 121:43) at the right time so why do we continue to beat ourselves up that's not what God wants to do.  Beating ourselves up isn’t humility, it’s self-humiliation, and it only makes things worse.  Humility is taking 100% responsibility for our actions, acknowledging our faults, and recognizing that we need help in overcoming them. Choose humility.  Choose to be accountable for your thoughts, intentions, words, actions, and reactions.Reprove with Sharpness