4 Tips for Sore Muscles


Despite the snow on the ground, spring sports season has started here in Utah.  Yay!! Our weather here is unpredictable at best and we are often playing baseball or running track in a few inches of snow or ice.  And yet, spring sports (more specifically, track and field) have a place in my heart (ok, all sports do). But spring sports are one of the few things that will get me out the door at 3:30 am to drive several hours, to sit outside in freezing weather, getting dumped on by rain, with a big fat smile on my face!  

I remember those first few weeks of preconditioning training when I was a high school athlete. Even though I was usually coming off of some kind of winter sports season, I was never fully prepared physically for what the first several workouts of spring training would do to my muscles.  Back then, all I knew to do to deal with the pain and build up of lactic acid was to grin and bear it. “Keep running” the coaches would say, “eventually it will get better”. And they were right. But now, after years of coaching, I have gained some tools I wish I would have had back then.  And when my athletes walk gingerly up and down the stairs with that grimace on their face that only comes from the intense pain of tight and sore muscles, I feel confident I can help ease some of their discomfort.

Use a foam roller.


Rolling out those sore muscles (though it hurts like crazy when you do) will help break down the membrane around the muscle and allow the muscle to expand and contract with less pain.  So, how do you do it? Lay the roller on the ground and place your body on it, with the sore muscle area directly on top of the roller. It will be uncomfortable. Use your body weight to roll back and forth across the sore muscle, pausing on the most painful parts.  It’s like trying to work a knot out in your shoulders, put some pressure on the specific muscle or knot, and it eventually releases. Now, this is not for the faint of heart, it can really be uncomfortable. I encourage my athletes to use it before practice from day one, and use it again after practice, and often again at night.  This will help prevent a lot of the stiffness that comes from those initial workouts.

Take a detox bath.  

Add 1-2 cups epsom salt, 1 cup baking soda, and 3-4 drops of pure doTERRA lavendar essential oil (quality is important and this is the only brand that I trust) to a warm bath.  Soak just before bed. This will help relax the muscles and also help release toxins that build up in your body.  Remember to drink lots of water as well, that helps release toxins also.

Use Deep Blue Essential Oil and/or Deep Blue Rub from doTERRA.  

deep-blue-rub (1).jpg

There are a tons of rubs and muscle relaxing creams on the market, and over the years I have tried most of them.  They all work to some extent, but this is by far my favorite, and the only one I trust to put directly on my skin.  To use: Gently massage a pea size of the Deep Blue rub directly onto the affected area (make sure there are no open wounds).  It will be warm and tingly, as it works it’s magic to relax the muscles. To have an even more powerful experience, rub one to two drops of Deep Blue Oil on the sore muscle, followed by the pea size of the rub.  And wash your hands (this stuff is warm and getting it in your eyes isn’t fun). If you find that it is too warm for your liking, rub some coconut or olive (or any other oil in your pantry) over the affected area until it is comfortable.

Keep moving.  

Yes, the advice my coaches gave me so many years ago still stands.  As long as you haven’t injured any of those muscles, keeping them moving is a great way to get rid of the soreness.  It will just take time. But stopping because you are sore only prolongs the process of helping them become accustomed to the new workouts, because you will continue to get sore every time you start working those muscles again.  So buck up and bear through the first two weeks of practice, using any or all of the aids above, and know that it will get better over time.

Get rid of the germs with out the chemicals! Homemade Cleaning Wipes!

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Help with the Cold and Flu Symptoms

So, you unfortunatly didn’t escape the dreaded cold or flu! Darn it! We didn’t either. In fact, we’ve had it worse than we ever had. I don’t want to think about how much worse it could have been though. And thank goodness we had something here at home to use to help with all the yucky symptoms. If you are wondering what to do for that nasty cough, congestion, fever, or even upset tummy, check out the video below. I share what we use with our family to get through things a little easier!

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Cold and Flu Prevention

It’s that time again….

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Your Happy Place

I knew the moment I stepped onto the grounds of the gardens that I had found somewhere special.  Somewhere that made my heart sing.  A place that felt like "home".  A place of peace, love, and hope.  I was 24 and had made my first trip back east to North Carolina.  We were visiting the Biltmore mansion as part of a LDS Institute Choir tour.  The massion itself, though beautiful and historic, gave me the creeps.  But the gardens, oh the gardens.  I swore I would never leave.

Several years later, on a trip to Williamsburg, Virginia to visit my sister, I felt those same feelings again.  A hadn't felt them since that magical day in NC.  While touring the gardens at the Governor's Palace, I plopped down on a bench and vowed to someday have a garden like this at my home.  It was my happy place.  

But then, I realized I had a small problem.  I live in Utah.  A desert.  With very few trees compared to back east.  Grass goes brown by late fall and the flowers only bloom part of the year.  I couldn't have a garden like that, they didn't exist in Utah.  Or so I thought.  

Then one day, my husband took our young family to one of his favorite camping spots in Southern Utah.  I have to admit, though I am in awe of the red rock, it doesn't really excite me much.  But this place, with it's orchards, beautiful garden, and staggering cliffs, it brought back that feeling again.  Capitol Reef.  Where the deer come right up to you and almost eat out of your hand.  Where you can enter multiple orchards and pick right from the tree, sit down on the fence and enjoy the fruit.  Where you can get homemade ice cream for a buck and eat it next to the old farm house while the horses mingle around the old barn.  For a country girl like me, this feels like home.  

Early in the fall our family decided to take a camping/fishing trip to Fish Lake (another favorite spot for Jimmy's family).  After spending the night fishing in the rain, sleeping in the cold, and catching NOTHING, I was done.  And so were the kids.  It had been an unusually challenging summer and my Spirit was struggling to find peace.  While packing up to go home Jimmy made a joke about taking the extra hour trip to visit Capitol Reef and my heart skipped a beat.  I was joking when I said yes.

As we drove past the familiar rock formations and got closer to the orchards, my heart began to finally feel peace.  We didn't really have an agenda, just a few hours to spare and a couple bucks for ice cream.  My kids didn't want to leave the orchard after we picked a bag full of apples, and neither did I.  

So what's the lesson here?  To go to Capitol Reef?  While I think it's a great place that you should check out, the real lesson is, take the time to be in your happy place.  Don't let life be so busy that you don't stop to allow your Spirit to feel "home".  You know, our plan at the beginning of that trip was to get home early enough to clean out the car, eat dinner at home, and get to bed early.  But as we pulled in near midnight, I didn't feel bad that our plans had changed.  I felt that it was a little tender mercy from Heaven and I'm grateful we listened to the little voice that invited us to change our plans. 

So where's your happy place?  When is the last time you were there?  

Can I share one more thought that a dear friend and interior decorator shared with me a few weeks ago.  She was in my home helping me with some ideas to make it feel more peaceful and comfortable.  She asked me where my happy place was.  When I told her of the gardens she presented me with an idea.  "If we can't get you to the gardens, let's bring the gardens to you."  We talked of some of the different elements that I loved about the gardens and Capitol Reef and brainstormed ideas of how to incorporate that into my home.  (I will post what we came up with once it's done).  Then she invited me to visualize that as I went about tasks in my home, I imagine that I was in that happy place.  You know something, it worked! 

So I invite you to give it a try.  Incorporate things that remind you of your happy place into your home, then spend some time imagining you are there.  It changes everything!