I just want to thank Shelly for rocking my world today. For making me laugh, for making me cry, and for being the absolute best speaker we’ve had here at eWomen.
— Marla Dee - President of Clear and Simple

Shelly Coray is a wife, mother, inspiring speaker, trainer, and coach. She is the author of "Master Your Mindset: 9 Keys to Gain Control Over the Mess In Your Head" and the founder of The Winner's Edge, a mental strength training program for youth. She created the "Master Your Mindset" coaching program as a way to help you and your team clear away the mental barriers that keep you from success. Through her 16 years involvement in high school athletics as a coach and manager and 20 years as an entrepreneur, Shelly has learned the keys to developing the mindset for success, making and breaking habits, and achieving peak performance.  Among all the successes she helps people achieve, most of all she wants to you become the person God made you to be.

Shelly’s energy is contagious. She is inspiring, thought provoking, and a motivator in moving me forward and helping me to break through barriers. I will use her techniques in my life, business and relationships. Her passion for helping others is truly exceptional.
— Tamara - Mom and Entrepreneur - Kimberly, ID
Shelly is an amazing presenter. She is engaging and personable and I really enjoyed everything she had to say.
— Rebecca - AmeriCorps VISTA Volunteer
This was awesome and amazing! I believe I can accomplish my goals and I have power to fight for what I want.
— McKenzie, age 15
I love how Coach Coray has taught us to deal with fear and anxiety. I now have tools to use when things get rough.
— Bethany, age 16
What Shelly got out of our students in 45 minutes was more than we’ve gotten out of them in 5 months.
— Clifton, Box Elder District Volunteer