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Tara Kinser, Creator of the Busy Mom's Toolbox, interviews Shelly about how she got started sharing her passion and how to break negative cycles that keep you stuck.




Shelly talks about Creating a New Reality with Live On Purpose Radio Host Dr. Paul Jenkins.


Shelly shares way to be prepared mentally for the challenges that will come with life during an interview with Kelly King Anderson on her Spiritual Prepardness Conference.


Are you a Goal Setter or a Goal Getter?  Kelly King Anderson interviews Shelly about goal setting with God.    



Shelly joins the World Hopecast as they break a world record while sharing hope for 60 hours LIVE.  Shelly shares her story of learning how to Master her Mindset.

Jimmy tells the story of his grandpa on the USS Vestal, and how Commander Cassin "Ted" Young took control of a sinking ship. Who's in command of your ship? Remember, people are depending on you. Jimmy Coray is the founder of Every Mountaintop, an addiction recovery support system for families dealing with pornography addiction.
When struggling to overcome an addiction, you need the right tools. If you go it alone, sooner or later you'll find yourself sliding out of control down a slippery slope unable to stop. Here's one quick tip that you'll find common in almost all recovery programs I've learned from.

This was an awesome experience! Being part of something truly inspiring for a wide audience. I hope you enjoy! (Sorry for the bad angle and sound) The full audio of my interview as well as Shelly's and lots of other fantastic messages will be available at Jimmy Coray is a husband and father, hiker and adventurer, author and speaker.


I'm A Smart Person, So Why Do I Do Dumb Things?  Jimmy and Shelly share why change is so challenging and how to make it easier.

Shelly Coray sings You Can Change by Tyler Castleton.

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