Mountains To Climb

“Mountains to Climb”  Erin Thomas,  LDS Youth Music Jimmy is an avid hiker so I know why he introduced me to this song.  But after listening to the words just a few times, I fell in love.  Not only is the tune fun and light, but the words are so inspiring and remind that I am in control of how I see things.  One of my favorite lines is “There could be a storm outside, but inside I’m full of sunshine.”  I am also reminded that what I really want here on earth is growth.  I am here to gain strength, experience, and help others do the same.

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Give me mountains to climb,

Give me rivers to cross,

Give me something that’s going to make me better than I was.

Give me mountains to climb,

Cuz I know that it’s taking me higher than I’ve ever been before.

Give me mountains to climb.


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2015-02-11 Shelly (Glamour Portfolio)-0008 (1)Shelly Coray is an inspiring speaker, trainer, coach, and mom. She has helped hundreds of youth and adults gain greater control over their thoughts and actions and achieve higher levels of success through her workshops, speeches and training programs. Find out more about her HERE.