“I Knew Their Hearts”  Jeff Olsen

I bought a copy of this book after spending the evening listening to the author tell the story.  Jeff Olsen lost his wife and small son in an accident while he was behind the wheel.  He and his older son survived the crash but came up against many obstacles on the road to recovery including several near death experiences.  These experiences helped comfort him in his time of doubt, renewed his faith in God, and solidified his testimony of life after mortality. I sobbed through most of his talk, thinking back to our own experience losing my mother-in-law and niece.  I must say that hearing it live was moving, but the parts he left out from the stage brought a new realization for me about how much my Savior and Heavenly Father really do care for us and are here for us.  This is a touching read, straight from the heart.

Find it on amazon.com, Deseret Book or your local LDS bookstore

Click here to see the author tell about one of the most touching experiences in his life (my favorite part of the book). 

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