Get rid of the germs with out the chemicals! Homemade Cleaning Wipes!

Seasonal threats seem to be everywhere. Even if you spend most of your time at home like I do, it seems we are not immune to germs. In fact, they seem to hang out at our house. We must make it easy for them. But lately, I have decided enough was enough. Time to kill them once and for all. There are lots of different things we do at our house to try to protect us from those unwanted bugs, like diffusing On Guard and purify in our main living space. But one of the places I over look the most is the light switches, door knobs, and devices. Check out the video below to see a simple and natural solution for cleaning those places our hands seems to touch the most.

Get On Guard HERE.

Also, doTERRA makes an On Guard Sanitizing Spray that is great to replace hand sanitizers, and it’s totally natural! Check it out HERE.