Three Easy Ways to Gain More Focus



If your answer is yes, here are three simple ways to close some of the tabs and gain more focus and productivity.

1.  Brain dump:  Your conscious mind (the one that makes all the decisions) can only handle so much at one time.  When you overload it with things to think about, it starts letting go of what seems less important at the time.  Unfortunately, that often is some of the really important stuff when it comes to our productivity.  Your brain wants to know that at some point you are going to address all the decisions it needs to make without you forgetting about them.  So, write them all down in a place your brain can trust (your phone or ONE notebook).  Schedule time to address them later and then allow your brain to let go of them and focus on the here and now!   Watch a video HERE that shares my favorite ways to do this.


3.  Pick three things that need your attention today.  List them in priority.  Have a detailed plan of the steps to accomplish those things.  Then focus on just one at a time.  Most people think they can multitask-but it's really a myth.  You will get more done if you focus on one thing until it's done.  And your brain REALLY likes finishing things and actually helps you get more done when it knows you are actually checking things off completely.  


2.  Take a deep breath:  Close your eyes and focus on your breathing.  Consciously set aside all the things on your mind and just be still for a moment.  Visualize the things that need to happen today and see yourself accomplishing them with focus.  Continue to breathe deeply.  Just 10 deep breaths can take your body out of fight or flight to a place where you can think more clearly.  


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