Goal Chunking Audio CD

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Goal Chunking CD Mockup.jpg

Goal Chunking Audio CD


Only 3% of the population actually achieve their goals?  Do you know what it takes to be in the 3%?  In this audio training and accompanying workbook you will learn the step by step process to breaking down your goals into bite size pieces so you can celebrate success every day.  Learn how to uncover your true motivation so you will keep working when times get tough.  Learn how to set goals that are actually achievable and set yourself up for success instead of failure.  And also learn how to train your brain to work for you and help you achieve your goal, instead of working against you.

This is a physical Audio CD that will be shipped to you! If you are looking for a downloadable version of the audio, you can find that here!

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Here is what others are saying about the Goal Chunking Audio:

It’s marvelous to know how to break down the goals with our students into chunks so they can have success every day.
— Clifton
I love the chunking of goals. Now I can work on one goal at a time.
— McKenzie
I have been carrying around my goal card in my pocket ever since Shelly told me to and I love how my focus has been on achieving my goal. I am constantly thinking of ways to accomplish what I really want.
— Chet
I have been achieving lots of goals with Shelly’s goal chunking. I love that I can break down my goals to small pieces and achieve something every day. I can see great results from goal setting this way.
— Tyler