This is one summit I need YOUR help to reach.


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A big 'THANK YOU' to those who have already donated or shared.

Each year over 300 of the world's leaders in ending sexual exploitation meet at the National Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Summit. I was able to attend last year in Orlando, FL and it was extremely valuable time spent.  This year it will be held in Houston, TX, and fortunately I have someone sponsoring me for the registration of the summit, but I need your help getting the rest of the way.

My goal is to raise just $596 to help pay for my attending the conference.  Anything I can raise above this will be passed on to the National Center on Sexual Exploitation.

To donate now, just click on the yellow button below.  If you prefer to donate anonymously, you can send your gift in the mail to PO Box 542, Mona, UT 84645.

To anyone who donates, I would love to share with you or your organization/church/family about the things I learn at the summit.

Any donation of any amount is much appreciated.


To learn more about the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, go to

 Thank You!  Jimmy Coray - 435-660-9562

Thank You!

Jimmy Coray - 435-660-9562