Special Episode - Karen Broadhead Part 2: Keep Loving Them

Those boys are just like me.
— Karen's son
Mom, I am not a pathetic loser...I am not my own worst enemy...I have an enemy and he is scared of me because Iā€™m awesome.
— Karen's son

Karen truly is a remarkable mother that has learned some valuable lessons that we can learn from and see our own failings and happily move forward to do a better job at parenting with LOVE and understanding rather than shame and contention.

I love the way Karen puts some of these difficult situations into a simple form of understanding that we are all children of God trying to learn how to navigate life amid darkening challenges.  We are not pathetic losers, we are amazing.  The opposition would tell us otherwise, and we need not listen to the twisting of truth - hang on strong to what God tells us - we are His children.  He loves us.  He is cheering us on.

It gave him someone to fight instead of himself.
— Karen Broadhead

You can learn more about Karen and the Mother's Who Know program, as well as Son's of Helaman and the other programs available at lifechangingservices.org

Jimmy Coray is a husband and father, hiker and adventurer, author and speaker.  Jimmy spends time in the mountains of Utah enjoying the freshness of high altitudes.  He takes a couple cameras with him to record thoughts and experiences of his own path to recovery and peace.  Speaking from the heart, Jimmy will share with you how to break down shame and enjoy being genuine...even if your genuine isn't your ideal...yet.  He is the author of the forthcoming book, "26 Peaks in 26 Weeks" a series of lessons that inspire change and humility.  He shares these lessons in men's retreats, youth groups, and corporations.  Jimmy also has served on the Utah Coalition Against Pornography Advisory Council.

You can follow him on the mountain by subscribing to his YouTube channel:  Every Mountaintop