Special Episode - Karen Broadhead Part 1: A Mother Who Knows

I have a really strong testimony that addiction doesn’t happen to bad people...people who are caught in addiction aren’t bad people...but it happens to the best of the best of the best.
— Karen Broadhead

Karen Broadhead is a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, and friend. Other titles she holds include Vice President of Quality Control at Life Changing Services, Founder & Director of the company’s Mothers Who Know and GIRL Power programs, and parent support specialist within the Sons of Helaman and Daughters of Light therapeutic recovery programs.

Karen has a bachelor’s degree in recreation management and youth leadership with an emphasis in recreational therapy. She teaches hundreds of students each week as an Eternal Warriors mentor with Life Changing Services, and her Mothers Who Know online support group and weekly online training program has become over 600 women strong!

wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to not have dark corners and have it hidden for years and years and get that deep and that hard and that shameful.
— Karen Broadhead
[It’s like the Savior was telling me] “you have to give your son up...give him up. Because you are trying to do my job, but it’s my work, it’s my glory. I want to save your son just as badly as you do. There’s a purpose behind all of this for you and for him...but I need you to get out of the way so that I can do my work.”
— Karen Broadhead

Jimmy Coray is a husband and father, hiker and adventurer, author and speaker.  Jimmy spends time in the mountains of Utah enjoying the freshness of high altitudes.  He takes a couple cameras with him to record thoughts and experiences of his own path to recovery and peace.  Speaking from the heart, Jimmy will share with you how to break down shame and enjoy being genuine...even if your genuine isn't your ideal...yet.  He is the author of the forthcoming book, "26 Peaks in 26 Weeks" a series of lessons that inspire change and humility.  He shares these lessons in men's retreats, youth groups, and corporations.  Jimmy also has served on the Utah Coalition Against Pornography Advisory Council.

You can follow him on the mountain by subscribing to his YouTube channel:  Every Mountaintop