What Goes In Must Come Out!

We are all aware that the food we put into our body finds it's way out of our body in some way.  My 6 year old was fighting a touch of nausea a few nights ago.  Every time she took a drink, it would come right back up.  She looked at me in desperation and said "I wish it would come out some other way."  

The fact of the matter is, your input determines your output.  And not just in food.

What are you putting into your mind?  Does it inspire you? Uplift you?  Motivate you to be a little better, do a little more good?  

Or does is expire you?  Does it leave you feeling hollow and empty?  Or worse?!

Just like my 6 year old, sometimes we don't always know, or get to choose, how things come back out.  Does it come out in your words?  Results?  Habits?  Behaviors?  Attitude?

When my kids watch a movie that has a scary twist to it (not too scary) before they go to bed, without fail, at least one of them wakes up with a nightmare.  An output.  One that they couldn't control once the input went in. 

Are you aware of your input?  Are you listening to music that motivates you to do good?  Are you watching TV and movies that inspire you to make life better for someone?  Are you reading material that puts your mind in a positive place and inspires hope and growth?  Are you engaging in conversations that lift others up or bring them down?

Are you happy with your output?  Your results?  Your behaviors?  If not...change your input!

Zig Ziglar said "You are where you are and what you are because of what you put into you mind.  You can change where you are and what you are by changing what goes into your mind." 

It's intentional!  Don't just wait around hoping that somebody shares something uplifting with you.  Seek it out.  Make a choice to turn off things that don't support you and turn on things that do.  

And if it overwhelms you to change all your input at once, pick one thing you could add to your day that would uplift you.  After a while, add something else.  Then add some more.  Eventually, you won't have time for the old habits of negative input because you will be too busy with the new input.