I Have a Confession...

So...I have a confession to make. Contrary to popular belief (of my kids, at least), I am NOT Wonder Woman.  I know that shocks so many of you...wink, wink.  The truth is, the past few weeks I haven’t really been feeling myself.  I have been struggling with some health (and emotional) concerns that took my feet right out from under me.  And trying to be the strong person I want to be, I kept pushing through it.  Until, my mind and body finally gave out under the pressure.  So, there you have secret is out.  

My guess is that many of you have been where I am.  You have felt overwhelmed, overworked, and just flat out behind on EVERYTHING!  Maybe you have been discouraged that you aren’t having the kind of influence you desire-in your home, your business, your community.  It’s not an easy place to spend your time.  And sometimes it takes bottoming out to get us moving back up again.

So here’s to rising up!  I am learning so much about myself, my capabilities, and how God needs to use me.  And the discoveries are amazing, and terrifying at the same time.  It’s time for me to step up and make a bigger difference in this world.  It’s time for me to uplevel my role as a mother and wife, and disciple of Christ.  And it’s time for me to live more intentionally.

More than anything, it’s time for change.  Nothing major, mind you, but small steps in the right direction that eventually lead to the end goal.  And that starts today.

I know one thing...It is possible for us to change.  It is possible to wrap our old mistakes, choices, and bad habits in a cocoon and let them die so we can emerge the butterfly we were designed to be.  The transformation may not be pretty.  We may experience the “goo” stage in the cocoon where if you opened us up, you might not find anything that resembles a caterpillar or a butterfly.  And the transformation may hurt a little.  Or maybe a lot.  It may require us getting honest with ourselves about things we haven’t wanted to face.  It may take some serious gut checking and getting real, and taking responsibility for our own outcome.  And it comes step by step.  But, we will never be the butterfly if we refuse to change.

So, here’s to Rising Up and Becoming.  Here’s to Change.  Because, You and I...We Were Born to FLY!