Give Me This Mountain

Mountains to climb by President Henry B. Eyring  April 2012 General Conference I have yet to become the person that says to God “Give me this mountain, give me these challenges.”  Maybe I lack faith that I could handle what He would send me.  Or maybe I figure He is going to allow the mountain anyway whether I ask for it or not, so why bother.  But I am slowly learning, especially through my own personal growth and business experience, that mountains are essential to moving forward.

I resonate with President Eyring when he said “I felt a desire to be more like him (President Kimball), a valiant servant of God.”  I have the same desire.  I am starting to pray for courage and strength, and mountains to climb so that I may become that servant.

Being able to climb the mountain starts with having a solid foundation and Elder Eyring talks in detail about how foundations of our faith are made.


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