Becoming a Core Speaker

I love hearing Shelly speak!  No, really, I love hearing her speak to an audience of business owners, a group of moms in someone's home, or even (and especially) in our own home with our kids or myself.

It may have something to do with how we dated...

So, it was kind of weird, and if you want the whole story, you'll have to get it in person, but basically, we dated over the phone for 40-60 hours over the course of about 10 days before we went on a 'real' date.  I was attending Snow College and she was at Weber State University.  I attended a concert she was performing at and I called her up the next day.  So today marks our 12 year 2 day anniversary since we started talking so much...and it hasn't stopped, and I love it!

This is the day we met!

This is the day we met!

Yes, we've had our rough times too (we know all couples do), but I want you to know why I was so drawn to Shelly, just by talking with her over the phone, and continue to love hearing her voice every day.

She's real.

I think we all get sucked into the world and sometimes try to mold ourselves to it, almost like we're being pushed in.  Regardless of the downward pull, once you get to know Shelly, you really know what she's about - it's not a guessing game.  One of the things she's determined to share with people is to become what God designed you to be.  As real as Shelly is, she continues to seek refinement in becoming who God made her to be, and part of that is showing up real with others every day - even when it may be easier to fit the mold.

She 'gets' it.

As much as we all love a all-powerful-super-successful master of the craft, we sometimes get lost in 'success' for the moment, and miss out on the lasting success in the relationships that we really care about.  We have differing work/life/family balancing acts, but in the end, we want to know that we feel like we belong and that our contribution to the world is significant to somebody.  The way she lives her life at home, and the way she teaches and speaks to audiences big and small are focused on the core belief that we all can rise up and become what God created us to be.

She shared this message very briefly at the last Mountain West Chapter of National Speakers Association.  Maybe you're not a speaker, or don't want to be, but I think the principle applies to all of us in building key relationships.

How would our marriages be better if we remembered our core belief about our spouse and why that relationship matters?  How would our parenting be different if we really made it about them instead of picking up their dirty socks?  How would our business partnerships be different if we were willing to show up authentic and treat people as people and not as numbers?

So how do you get to that core?  I believe it takes time and effort.  It takes courage to push out of the mold we often find ourselves being pushed into.  It takes a good dose of humility and being willing to change, and then change again and again.  I think it also takes finding others that show up genuine and real that can act as a guide and mentor for those times we get stuck in the mess in our head.

Do you want to get to know Shelly a little better and here some of the things she has learned on her journey of becoming?  A seriously great opportunity for that is coming up on May 2-3.  We're hosting a live 2 day event at the Oil Life building in Pleasant Grove, UT.


Can't make it?  We're also live-streaming it - not as powerful as live, but still well-worth the time.