Master Your Mindset LIVE is Almost Here!

Over a year ago I had a hold a 2 day workshop ALL about mindset!  It's taken me that year to put it all together.  And's almost here!  Two weeks from today on May 2nd and 3rd I will be joining with some of my very best friends on the planet to share what we have learned about the mess In our heads in hopes that it will help you with yours.

Meet Marla Dee, Professional Organizer and creator of the Clear and Simple System.  This woman makes organizing calm, fun, and simple.  Jimmy says that after just listening to her audio book for about an hour he already felt like he was more organized and peaceful, and he hadn't touched ANY stuff yet!  That's how powerful this amazing woman is!  Marla is an expert in the mess in our space and how that affects the mess in our head.  Most importantly, she knows what to do about it and she is going to share that with us!

Krista Nebeker, Professional Personality and Style Expert quite literally changed my life!  One day with this amazing and insightful woman had me understanding myself better than I ever had before.  I felt empowered to use my natural gifts to bless others and had the confidence to do so.  This gal knows her stuff when it comes to personalities and natural energies and she is going to share her best training with us!  You won't want to miss this one!

Time Management expert and Founder of, Nicole Carpenter has a brilliant tool that helps us discover our various roles and learn how to navigate them and make time for what matters most.  As a business owner, and mom of 4, including young twins, this girl has figured out how to make the most of her 24 hours and she is going to teach us how to do the same!  Game changer people!

Rosie Gremmert is a Certified Essential Oil Therapist, an RN, and a brilliant entrepreneur.  She has a way of sharing that speaks peace to my core.   Rosie will teach us how to use Essential Oils to support us as we gain control over the various "messes" we are working through.  And she will be on hand both days to offer hands on help as we break through limiting beliefs and fears!

I can't wait to share some of the keys that are featured in my new book "Master Your Mindset: 9 Keys to Gaining Control Over the Mess in Your Head."  These are principles that I have been using in my own life and the life of my clients and athletes for many years.  These are the keys that saved my life so I could learn to become the person God created me to be!  These are tools that help me find happiness and peace every day and truly love my life!

We hope to see you there!