Grow a New Shell

 The third way we deal with the pressure:  We grow!

I don't know about you, but my lobster shell is feeling pretty snug.  It's been time for me to shed it to grow a new one for quite a while.  But it has taken me some time to get the courage to shimmy out of it and enter that vulnerable stage that comes while I am shell less and learning what the next one will look like.  

Growing and changing can be a challenge, and sometimes painful.  It may involve tears, discouragement or discontent, and even anxiety and overwhelm.  But, that new shiny shell is totally worth it!  How many more people could YOU bless if you had a new shell?  How many more lives could change if YOU were willing to become something more?  It's time to have the courage to face the uncomfortable feelings that are driving us to grow and find out who we are to become next. 

Are you willing to grow with me?!!!